• Welcome to The Scarlett Edit!

The Scarlett PR & Marketing blog has been given a makeover, which we hope delivers a fresh, contemporary feel to the content we produce in relation to the hotel, restaurant and spa clients which we represent.

We decided it was time for a refresh and have tried to create a look that combines both a professional image and a modern edge, with ease of use.

If you are thinking that it’s possibly time to revamp your brand, the chances are that you are right. It’s good to refresh your brand every few years, to keep up with the competition but also because who you attract does change over time.

Successful rebranding requires an accurate account of the current market and rebranding should only occur for the right reasons. The motivation behind the Scarlett PR blog rebrand is in response to our changing audience. For example: we have long worked with influencers but now must be seen as a brand extension of all those that we represent as well as those that we engage with and who tell the ‘story’ of our clients.

PR agencies and their personalities (even the personal ‘brand’ of the agencies founders and individual employees thanks to Instagram) are bridging the gap between client and media, like never before!

Ask yourself, what do you want to achieve from a rebrand and to whom do you wish to engage with?

Your brand needs to capture the essence of your business as it shapes how you are perceived by current and prospective clients, therefore make sure it’s on point.

If it isn’t, focus on your goals and those of your customers. If you can problem solve and achieve the needs of your customers and give them the results that they desire, your brand will build a good reputation for itself.

Fall back in love with the brand. What has been the story of the brand historically, what is it today and where is it going? Understand the reputation of the brand as it stands.

Simply put, the key to success is by making bold changes whilst staying true to the core values on which your brand was founded.

We hope you enjoy The Scarlett Edit, next time we focus on ‘Staying Relevant’.

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