What are the 5 words that best describe you?

Happy, Mindful, Healthy, Content, A dreamer

Which publications online and offline do you enjoy reading and why?

I read the iPad editions of The Times and Telegraph. I like Conde Nast Traveller and National Geographic Traveller. Wellness Magazine and lots of cookbooks

Online: it varies according to research. I’m always on Instagram – does that count? Harper’s Bazaar online, Conde Nast Traveller, Telegraph Travel section online.

Who is your target audience?

For The Spa Man it’s both men and women. I write with a male voice but not with a blokey tone. Interestingly most of my engagement through social media is with women.

For European Spa Magazine – the key audience is hotel operators and Spa Directors.

What are your working on currently?

I’ve just been to the Chedi Andermatt to try a new slimming retreat so will be reviewing that for European Spa Magazine. I am trialing a range of face masks for men for The Spa Man and have a series of spa reviews to write up for The Spa Man including Les Sources de Caudalie in Bordeaux and Eagles Palace Villas in Greece. And I’m currently planning a spa trip to Hong Kong and Cambodia in the new year. So ideas are very welcome!

What has been your best career moment?

Wow. Really Hard. Launching The Spa Man ranks highly up there as it’s my own project. I have full control over the content and direction. I would also have to say writing for European Spa Magazine for five years is up there. And interviewing model Helena Christensen was a treat. She was lovely.

Who inspires you?

Other spa bloggers on Instagram provide real inspiration for me. The Spa It Girl in particular. She has so much energy.

Where are you happiest?

Swimming in the sea in the sun. Second to that swimming in the morning sun at Tooting Bec Lido. There’s a real swimming theme here.

Who would be your number one dinner guest be and why? (They can be past or present)

ABBA. I know that’s four – but they come as one package. And I would make them sing.

If you had to ask us one question what would it be?

What is the most frustrating thing about working with journalists – maybe I’m guilty and if so I promise to improve.

Scarlett PR – What a great question Mark! We always work with journalists that we know and trust so there are never really any frustrations there, except perhaps when they keep losing the images we send them!