As January wanes introduce High Value Gifts to your Wellness Business

As January begins to draw to a close, how can you help your gym, spa or wellness business attract more new clients, as the new year enthusiasm begins to wane.

Simply offer what’s known in the business as a High Value Gift (HVG). These can consist of:

A free taster session

30 min consultation

1 week complementary membership

Free nutrition plan

Complementary class space for potential new client and their guest

Free workshop

Complementary discovery day

Be sure to contact the potential customer by making contact pre and post the visit, either by email, text or a call. Expectation and feedback is essential. As customers take up the offer, record the results of where these new direct leads have come from, be it: a Facebook ad, Instagram post or a Live.

The more traditional flyers have their place still in the modern world. Use attention grabbing headlines, with thought provoking adjectives. State your offer with a clear call to action. Offer testimonials with scarcity tactics, limited space with an expiry date stated.

Display contact details, relevant imagery, with sympathy text, – pain in the present, hope in the future and faith in the promise as it will result in benefits for the client. Make a conscious decision to use the word ‘investment’. The HVG is the first step in the investment of themselves, in their fitness and overall wellness.

Implement these actions and you’ll have a new revived interest in your health & wellness product or service.

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