Tom MacPherson Le Maire is the Spa & Retail Manager of BioEffects for the UK/ROI

What are the 5 words that best describe you?

Passionate, exuberant, hedonistic, loyal, trusting.

Which publications online and offline do you enjoy reading and why?

I read mostly beauty and political publications. Beauty I am more into Pro Beauty, Spa & Wellness, European Spa Magazine, Aesthetic Beauty.

Who is your target audience?

Our target audience is all women and men concerned with anti-ageing skin care and results driven skin care, specifically urbanites who love the latest niche, cult product and want something different and more innovative from their products.

What are your working on currently? 

Currently we have some really exciting new retail projects we are working on at BIOEFFECT as well as 4 major spa projects and on-going development of our clinic and medi spa channel.

What has been your best career moment? 

Difficult to say, there have been a few I have really cherished. The most recent one was when we learnt Galgorm Resort was launching with us last year taking 3 treatments and the product range.  A really proud moment.

Who inspires you?

Different people for different reasons.  I think it is important to have mentors and like minded people around you.  My friend’s father is very inspirational, I look to people who have broader ideology, see a big picture and have vision and wit.  I also have two close friends that really inspire me, we talk about the big things in life, we relate on many levels, having drive and ambition is very inspirational to me, one has successfully launched their own business, the other just has an unbelievably smart take on life, people and doing what you love for a living.

Where are you happiest?  

Probably at home with my husband, gin and tonic in hand on a cosy Friday night with a nice steak or a dominos watching Game of Thrones!

Who would be your number one dinner guest be and why? (they can be past or present)  

Probably the French resistance leader Jean Moulin, being half French I would love to know what really went on in occupied France and he would most likely have some very interesting stories to tell.

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