Influencer Campaign Case Study

Scarlett PR recently worked with Dublin based Lovin Media Group in order to showcase Northern Ireland client property, Galgorm Resort & Spa to a Southern market.

Campaign deliverables consisted of: x 1 Feature on the Lovin Getaways website with x 17 Instagram stories on LD.

3,311 website page views – 2 mins 17 secs Average Dwell Time

Article and competition featured also on the Lovin Dublin and Facebook & Twitter platforms.

Lovin Dublin Facebook page –  20,411 reach with 40 reactions, comments & shares.  Twitter 2,707 impressions (37 engagements). Facebook page – 11,658 reach with 18 reactions, comments & shares. Twitter 712 impressions (3 engagements).

Instagram stories with text x 17 – Arrival and exterior of hotel, Signature Suite, Video panning the resort, Spa image, Bathroom, Hot Tub, Champagne and Swimming pool shots. As well as Restaurant, Food, Gin Library and beverage shots.

Final – competition piece with swipe up detail. Totalled 380,630 views from Instagram stories takeover. With newsletter inclusion to 20,000 subscribers.

Totals: 3,311 Article Views, 35,499 Article Social Reach and 380,630 Views from Instagram Stories Takeover.

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