Perhaps instigated by the millennials, last year (2017) Barclaycard research showed that 34% of people now prefer to spend money on experiences rather than objects. Busy parents are valuing their family holidays more than ever to make memories and share experiences. Couples looking for downtime are going out to the latest restaurant opening or are checking into a hotel & spa for a weekend together.

Experiences are stealing the limelight away from luxury goods it seems. All part of the wellness journey, experiences help us to form memories and stories, stories that aid us when making connections and conversations with others.

A study undertaken by San Francisco State University, asked its students to answer questions about a recent purchase — either material or experiential, made in the last three months with the intention of making themselves happy.

While most people were generally happy with the purchase regardless of what it was, those who wrote about experiences tended to show a higher satisfaction at the time and after the experience had passed.

The outcome pointed to the fact, that participants were fulfilling their need for social bonding while having these experiences. Another reason for increased happiness in experiences, the researchers found, was that people felt a greater sense of vitality or “being alive” during the experience.

To transform a ‘hotel stay’ into a destination experience, hotels need to think about their offering to their differing types of guest. Hoteliers are taking ownership of every single stage of the customer journey, and in so doing, are creating the seamless guest experience travellers not only appreciate but have come to expect.

We’re seeing decadent in-room dining served well into the wee small hours, interactive cooking classes conducted in the hotel restaurant for adults and families alike; nutrition workshops, quit sugar retreats with fresh, organic ingredients sourced from local suppliers.

Spa hotels have the perfect product in that they can offer their guests the opportunity to relax and feel rejuvenated through a multitude of experiences – face and fully body treatments as well as enjoying facilities such as: ice rooms, herbal saunas, rasuls, experience showers, hydrotherapy etc all set within breath-taking scenery.

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